FLL1 – Fort Lauderdale, FL

FLL1 – Fort Lauderdale, FL: Built for Reliability. Engineered for Growth

Vault Networks’ FLL1 data center is a HIPAA, SSAE16, SOC 2 Type II, and NIST Compliant Enterprise-Class Data Center solutions provider, specializing in colocation, enterprise dedicated server, disaster recovery, business continuity, backup services, private cloud computing, public cloud computing, and CinC (Cloud in Cloud) IAAS computing. Vault Networks’ FLL1 facility is category 5 hurricane resistant complete with gas-based inert fire suppression, 2N+X Smart-Grid redundant power infrastructure, and a 2N+X Smart-Grid redundant cooling infrastructure.

Architected and engineered from the ground up with reliability and survivability in mind, Vault Networks’ 3rd Generation Data Center facilities utilize Smart-Grid infrastructure to maximize dependability and scalability of the facilities without sacrifices.

  • Security personnel is on-site 24/7/365.
  • Guards require valid photo ID from any individuals attempting to enter the building.
  • A key card is required to use the building’s elevators and access the data center floor.
  • An additional key card and biometric hand scan is required to access colocation space.

Vault Networks’ FLL1 data center meet the highest Tier IV Data Center Availability Standards – including strong backup systems and the most technologically advanced engineering methods available. Additionally, the systems have a minimal carbon footprint, an additional boon for the environmentally conscious.

Vault Networks’ FLL1 colocation facility services Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding cities of Boca Raton and, West Palm Beach, Florida. The impressive, vast range of managed colocation services includes monitoring, managed security, managed backups, and remote hands support services. Vault Networks can provide software installation, configuration, hardware support, network design, and load balancing services. Certified technicians are available 24/7 to assist in any emergency situation.

Vault Networks’ built-to-suite colocation solutions provide businesses with ¼ racks, ½ racks, full racks, and cages. The facility offers flexibility to grow within a secured and private colocation cabinet space. Some advantages for businesses include eliminating the hassles of operating a data center environment.

500 Green Rd.
Deerfield, FL 33064

500 Green Rd. Deerfield, FL 33064

Facility Details Overview

Site Specification

Floor Space
• 12,000 SqFt (Current capacity)
• 140,000 SqFt (Future capacity)
• Category 5 Hurricane Resistant Design

Floor Loading
• 225+ lbs per square foot floor load

Ceiling Height
• 11-12 foot

Roof Access
• 40,000+ sq. ft. roof-top access availability

Freight Elevators
• 2X 4,500 Pound Freight Elevators

Power System

Utility Power
• 2MW Power with 48MW Expansion Capacity
• Priority 1 Utility Power Grid

Generator Power
• 2MW Power with 48MW Expansion Capacity
• 2N+X – Smart-Grid Generator System

UPS System
• 2N+X – Smart-Grid UPS System

Physical and Environmental Security


• 600 Ton Liebert 2N CRAC / HVAC (current capacity)
• 3,600 Ton Liebert 2N CRAC / HVAC (future capacity)

• 70 – 72 degrees set point
• 45-50% Relative humidity
• 300W per square foot permissible heat load capacity
• 600W per square foot maximum heat load capacity

Fire Detection
• Optical smoke detector
• Ionization smoke detector
• Temperature heat detector
• VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus)

Fire Suppression (Ansul Inergen)
• Agentless system (Non-corrosive)
• Inert Gas (Nitrogen, Boron, Carbon Dioxide)
• Inert Green Gasses found naturally
• Humans breath these gasses with every breath
• Asthma Friendly


• 7 point military-grade security protocols
• 24x7x365.25 on-site security
• 24x7x365.25 video surveillance
• Gated facility with anti tail-gate measures
• HID Proximity authentication control
• Multiple interlocking mantrap doors
• 97+ Point fingerprint biometric access control
• Facial recognition biometric scanner
• Individually locked 1/4, 1/2, and full cabinets
• Private cages and suites
• Individually alarmed cabinets and cages


• 100% Cisco powered MPLS network
• 2.880 Tbps routing capacity
• Multi-homed BGP4 transit routing
• 100M, 1G, 10G uplink ports
• 100% carrier-neutral facility
• Cisco optimized performance routing (PFR)
• Cisco optimized edge routing (OER)

Service Offerings
  • Colocation Cabinets: Available in full-, half- and quarter-rack sizes with your choice of amperage and bandwidth. Featuring disaster recovery, network redundancy, regulatory compliance, technical support, and a 99.999% guaranteed level of service. Learn More | Request A Quote
  • Backup Services: Vault Networks utilizes R1Soft, maker of the only Continuous Data Protection® (CDP) virtual backup software for Windows, Linux, and MySQL servers. R1Soft provides backup server software to over 100,000 mission-critical Windows and Linux servers around the world. Vault Networks stores the virtual backup information at a secure offsite location that is readily available should the need arise. This software also features Bare-Metal Restore methodology. Learn More
  • Dedicated Servers: Before your business is set up with a dedicated server, Vault Networks will evaluate your current business needs then design a custom dedicated server solution. The recommended solution will be configured with the appropriate software, processor, hard drive space, speed, services, number of IPs and backup services to fit your business needs. As your business grows, we can help you add features and services to strengthen your dedicated server solution. Learn More | Pricing




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